About Us

About Traust

Traust is in the business of valuing, collateralizing, and capitalizing intangible assets to provide innovative growth companies non- dilutive collateralized debt to fund corporate growth.

Traust is a structured debt services company that works in collaboration with leading market specialists to analyze, evaluate, value, and insure technology companies and their respective intellectual property to complete Financing Transactions.

Through our collaborative partners, we can access 140+ experts that evaluate and value data, intellectual property, and general intangibles of highly desirable technology companies.

This insured structured debt finance system provides intangible asset holders debt capital for growth, replacing C, D & E rounds of funding, thereby significantly reducing dilution. Insured and uninsured intangible asset debt collateral products are tailored to various investment objectives and guidelines. The typical term for a Collateralized Debt Financing investment transaction is 24 to 60 months.


This is how it all started!

While climbing on Mount Saint Elias in Alaska with a group of Tech CEO’s the conversation turned to the challenge of debt funding.  There was a dawning realization that the majority of these company’s value was no longer tied to physical assets against which debt could be raised. Why was it so difficult to use intangible assets such as intellectual property or data as the offset for a loan?  Surely accounting standards could not be the only reason that this was not done? This set off a chain reaction of activity that saw the creation of the Traust Group of Companies and the creation of the Intangible Asset Collaterialization market that Traust Structured leads.