Drew R. Holt

Drew R. Holt

Chairman & Managing Partner

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mr Holt has more than twenty years of experience in the energy, insurance, finance, and technology sectors with a focus on innovation and building teams. He has extensive experience in engineering, product design, production implementation and IP development, as well as funding strategies for innovative technologies and commercial products.

Over the last ten years, Mr Holt has spent extensive time in the UK gaining expertise in the London insurance market and specifically, risk transfer as related to structured finance transactions. He has developed a broad network of experts and advisors. These efforts and relationships led to the formation of Traust Structured.  The transactions facilitated by Traust, leverage the value of intangible assets owned by innovative companies. These intangibles, often include patents, data and trademarks, are professionally valued and insured, allowing them to be used as collateral to secure debt financing for product launches & corporate growth. The Traust structure provides capital in larger amounts and at a lower cost than these companies typically access through traditional debt or equity offerings.

Previously, Mr Holt spent more than thirteen years building a company and leading a team of experts focused on the financing, logistics, engineering, installation, and maintenance of the microgrid infrastructure throughout Alaska. These autonomous systems often utilized wind and solar to generate the electrical power required in these harsh environments and remote locations, creating a true microgrid, as there was often no adjacent utility. Mr Holt secured, engineered, and managed the successful completion of microgrid projects for the Alaska Energy Authority, Department of Defense including Air Force, Army and the Coast Guard installations, petroleum drill rigs, oil production/exploration locations and municipal projects. The power expertise developed by Mr Holt and his company allowed them to secure a Master Services Agreement with Chevron Corporation, which greatly expanded opportunities in the energy market.

Additionally, he has originated and facilitated numerous commodity transactions, including oil and gas, utilizing his industry experience and strategic relationships. He currently serves several early-stage companies in the Director, Officer or Advisor capacity providing insight and focus on business strategy, technology commercialization and deal structure.