Ed Marin

Ed Marin

Manufacturing & Aerospace Analyst

Upstate New York

Ed Marin is an Aerospace Entrepreneur living in New York, with his wife, daughters and son. He founded and consulted for several companies focused on commercialization of advanced technologies. His leadership and team building skills allowed him to nurture innovative concepts and troubled businesses by identifying opportunities, reducing risks and creating executable visions. Being well traveled and having a diverse background provided the opportunity to hone skills throughout a broad range of markets and at an international level. His knowledge base extends to engineering, manufacturing, production, operations, commercialization and financing. Ed led production and research & development programs for commercial and government entities such as NASA, Navy and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. His programs ranged from carbon fiber and fiberglass composites, high temperature ceramic matrix composites for rocket nozzles, to body armor and manufacturing of flight vehicle systems. Ed was awarded patents in the areas of Renewable Energy, Aerodynamics, Nanotechnology and Ceramic Matrix Composites.

Prior to embarking onto the small business adventure, Mr. Marin served as an Advanced Propulsion, Environmental Control System, and Thermal Analysis Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation in California. There he excelled in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, including code programming. As an aerospace engineer he performed design, analysis, and testing for aerospace systems such as the F-18 Super Hornet, B2 Stealth Bomber, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), and several space vehicles. He led the specification of analysis methods required for hypersonic technology development. Technology later used to perform the hypersonic inlet design and analysis with CFD for the Air Force PWI (Propulsion Weapons Integration) program. While at Northrop Grumman Corp., Ed held a Top Secret and Special Access Required security clearances and was a pilot in the Air National Guard.

Mr. Marin was named California Engineers’ Council Distinguished Engineer Project Achievement Award Team Member for Temrok Ceramics Composite Products in 1999. He has co-authored several papers such as “Low Cost Polymer Derived Carbon Fiber Reinforced CMC for Rocket Nozzle Applications”, “Electron Microscopy Used to Aid CMC Process and Material Development”, and “CFD Investigation of the HySet Inlet”.

Ed’s Master of Science studies in Aerospace Engineering is from California Polytechnic State University. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from The Ohio State University.